PMDBA Modules:

  1. Nucleus
    Nucleus allows multiple applications to share a common core platform.  Using the Intermediate Data Layer (IMDL) technoloty deveoped by KappData or by manual maping of various data sources Nucleus allows the average user to understand what data is available and how to leverage existing and new information for greater productiviy and return on investment.  links>>
  2. TracKing Master
    TracKing Master is an application to bridge the gap between established procedural norms and new procedures that come from changing enterprise software systems.  This program helps to normalize business process so everyone can see and understand how the old way relates to the new way to perform daily tasks.  TracKing Master is a training tool used in a production envrionment so staff learn new systems by working in a fmiliar envrionment so they can keep performing as software systems change.
  3. IMDL
    InterMediate Data Layer (IMDL) is designed to infer data mapping from text.  The application correlates fields for data mapping by displaying the derived logic to the user.  With user input, correction and guided manipulation IMDL creates mapping for complicated relational data from any source with a simple user interface and limited need for programming or advanced knowledge of specific data types, classes or dynamic libraries.
  4. Other KappData Modules